How to be an Artist

July 31, 2020

I haven't written a blog post in over a year, and while I've had lots of ideas of things to write about and share, none of them seemed to have any real inspiration behind them. 

I hear people say all the time, I could never paint, I have no artistic ability, etc as if somehow my painting ability to a slight to their lack. There are tons of things I am no good at, but other people having those skills isn't a slight to me. 


I recently taught an art class where a discussion was started about learning something new that you might not be good at to keep you sharp as you get older. 


I've had so many amazing opportunities to teach here in Colorado, and I've found myself giving the same advice to people in all my classes. So maybe if you feel like you have no ability but you want to try something new


1. Don't be afraid to put the paint on canvas


2. pay attention to what you see and the inspiration around you. 


3. Throw away the drawing rules you learned in kindergarten.


4. It's not a competition. Far from it. There can sometimes be this attitude from professional artists that we're all trying to be better than each other. This is perpetuation by art show that give awards and promote winning prize money. While there's nothing wrong with these shows (I participate in them too) they can diminish the reason we're all creating art in the first place. 


5. Don't expect it to come easily. It might look like other artists get beautiful masterpieces with minimal effort, but that's just not true. It take a lot of work and effort to get to the point of looking effortless. And there's a lot of hard work you might not see. 






















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