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6 Ideas to Brighten a Space with Gallery Walls

I know minimalism is all the rage right now, but something in me cringes when I walk into a house and see stark white walls and no art anywhere. Maybe it’s the artist in me talking, but there’s something about wall art that makes a space more cozy and warm. Enter the gallery wall. I’m a big fan. Not many of us can afford huge paintings that fill a wall, so gallery walls can be a great way to bring a little life to a space with a collection of smaller meaningful pictures.

But then there’s the problem of making a tasteful gallery wall without making a room feel cluttered. It’s all about balance, people. Not to mention the bajillion nail holes in the wall in the aftermath.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve made a list of gallery wall options I’ve incorporated in my home as well as a round up of gallery wall ideas from some other talented ladies from around the web.

1. Floating shelf

This idea just might be my favorite. Not only do you save on nail holes and stress over whether you have the layout all right, but it never gets boring. Truth be told, I usually rotate the art pieces I have for sale on this shelf and it’s not always styled perfectly, but that’s part of the appeal. It’s so simple, but it does such a great job of brightening up a wall.

2. Above bookshelves

Here’s another idea that requires no nail pounding and keeps a fresh look in any space because you can easily switch it out whenever you want. Tastefully layer with books, pottery, and meaningful photos, and you’re set.

bookshelf art

3. Clipboard wall

This idea is one I’m pretty proud of. I just picked up some clipboards from the Dollar Tree (I mean, you can’t get much cheaper that $1 a pop), and spruced them up a little before hanging them up. This arrangement has the added bonus of being practical because you can switch out to-do lists, meal plans, calendars, or whatever you want.

clipboard wall

I found some beautiful free printables that I used to decorate my clipboards and balance out the boring practical stuff. The geometric art is from Keystone Inspiration, the quotes are from Faithful with the Little, and the flower coloring page is from Polina Bright Art.

4. Wall hangings/banners

This wall was a bit of a process for me, but after a failed gallery wall and many nail holes, I finally landed on transforming Rifle Paper Company wrapping paper sheets into banners. I painted some dowels gold and attached the paper and some ribbons and it fills

5. Symmetrical

I love the idea of pictures creating a symmetrical gallery wall, but I lack the patience to measure and balance the frames so they line up perfectly. Rochelle over at Five Marigolds created a sweet example of a way to do this in a boy’s room. Plus, check out that amazing blue dresser.

Five Marigolds Gallery wall

6. asymmetrical

This might be the most obvious option for gallery walls, but it’s still a great solution to bare walls. I love to mix and match artwork with signs, photographs, cross stitch art, and other hangable items to add a little dimension and variety. If you’re looking for more ways to brighten up a space with wall art and wanting some new pieces to add to a collection, you can browse my art at my shop option on the menu.

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