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Make the Most of Shopping Birds and Berry Studio

I have a lot a random places you can purchase my art and designs. Why, you ask? Good question, and I'm about to drop a good answer (or at least an adequate answer).

Hopefully this might make the shopping experience a little more simple for you. I know, this probably isn't the most exciting post ever, but stick with me if you want some new fun opportunities to do a little shopping.

So what are the different places you can purchase my art and why do I have so many shops? The short answer is, they all serve different purposes and have different benefits for you and for me. Win win!

Birds and Berry Studio Society6

Redbubble and Society6 are print-on-demand sites where I don't actually handle any physical products. It's still my designs on products created by Society6 and Redbubble.The great thing is, I can 'set it and forget it' and YOU get my art on some great products that I would never be able to stock on my own.

The only downside is that you have to do a bit of scrolling and clicking to find what you're looking for, but if you're persistent you can find my designs on mugs, totes, pillows, notebooks, phone cases, you name it! And the quality of the products is outstanding.

I know, this one's pretty obvious, but here's why I like it: it's a great way for me to get a great variety of products to a really large audience and it's pretty easy for me to manage. It's got great interface for you, the shopper, and makes the shopping experience pretty easy.

Make sure you take advantage of all the features, like scrolling through the photos of each listing, reading the descriptions, choosing different variations, contacting the seller for customization or other questions, and shopping sales. If you just hop onto Etsy and want to find my shop (or any other shop, for that matter) make sure you type the shop name with no spaces in the search bar (e.g. birdsandberrystudio), otherwise it just can't quite figure out what you're looking for.

Anne Hockenberry Artist Website

That's this website! If you're reading this, you already found me. For everyone else, it's a little trickier to find me out in the vast expanse of cyberspace.

I keep my shop here a little more streamlined with original art and my favorite card designs.

Bird and Landscape Art Prints

If you've checked out the link in the menu for my art prints, you've been redirected here without even knowing it. This is a store option that is streamlined and can offer my designs as dropshipping prints which means they're printed and sent directly to you when you order them. If you see any of my original designs that you want as a print, ask me about it and I can easily add it to my print shop.

If you've been around since the beginning of my little shop, you probably know about my first blog. This blog was born out of my desire to share spiritual insight and personal thoughts along with my artwork. I've since moved my blog to this site, but I am proud of what I created over there and it will give you more of a glimpse into who I am as a person.

So that's the gist of it! If you live in Montrose, CO, you might have run across my cards or magnets in a few local shops or run into me at a craft show or two. I always love meeting you all in person so stop by and say hi!

Birds and Berry Studio Anne Hockenberry Artist
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