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Come Paint with Me

I offer art classes in and around Montrose. I teach art through Weehawken Creative Arts, Montrose Center for the Arts, Mosaic Montrose, and San Juan Brews. I believe that everyone is an artist at heart and my mission is to make art accessible and enjoyable  for all ages.
Here's a sample of past classes I have taught. I will be taking a break from teaching  group classes and taking new students until September for maternity leave. Check back for new classes this fall!

Mosaic Montrose

I offer Watercolor classes and Kids' classes at Mosaic located at 21 N Cascade St. Montrose
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Kids Art Appreciation

Every other Thursday afternoon

Elementary Kids Class is HERE

Students will explore the artwork of great artists throughout history and will create projects based on a variety of styles.

Homeschool Art Appreciation Class
Homeschool Art Class

Art Tutoring

Art Tutoring
Private Art Classes

Not currently taking new students, but check back in the fall. 
Ask me about private lessons. I am available to work individually or in small groups to teach art to you or your school-age students. My goal is to teach art techniques and skills while focusing on individual needs and interests to bring out your inner artist.

$30/1 hour lesson with materials provided. Email me to set up your private lessons at

San Juan Brews

Join me for fun and unique art classes at San Juan Brews, located at 512 E. Main St. Montrose, CO. 

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